How to use the Blog

This blog will allow members to view the latest news and, if wished, to make comments about it. You can also submit your own blog entry.

Here’s how to do it all …

Viewing the blog

The blog is automatically displayed when you click the link. Entries are arranged with the most recent at the top of the page so that latest news is always highlighted. Entries are archived by month and previous months’ can be seen by clicking the link in the side bar.

Submitting a comment

At the right-hand top of each entry is a COMMENT link (a number shows how many comments have been made). To view the comments just click the link.

comments form

comments form

From this form you can submit your own comment by using the bottom part of the form. Fill-in your name and e-mail address (you can ignore the URL box or use it to add the address for you club’s website):

Click the ‘Submit’ button and you should see the ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation‘ message and a preview of your comment:

It is possible that your message might take a short time to be posted on the blog, depending upon how busy our blog host is at the time.

Submitting a blog entry

If you wish to submit your own news entry and allow others to comment, please send an email to Type in your entry (include photographs if you wish) and send the mail. Your entry will be included quite soon.


3 Responses “How to use the Blog” →

  1. Debra Owen-Hughes

    June 5, 2011

    Interesting discovery at the NEC this weekend. Some clubs reading out minutes of the last meeting at the next meeting. Just recounting what happened two weeks ago. A couple of us were amazed they do this. All 5 London Area clubs have never done this. So if you are one of the minute reading clubs and are tired of it why not make a suggestion to ditch it? We’re hardly the 1922 Committee!
    After all that’ll be more time to give to thre present members on the night!!!


  2. Debra Owen-Hughes

    June 5, 2011

    Fantastic bunch of people serving on the NEC at the moment. Particularly on the Development Committee!!! District Presidents now serving a two year tenure which gives better opportunity to get behind good quaility work. Imaginative ideas surfacing to the top and we will again have a productive years tasks to show at the next AGM and Conference weekend in Cardiff next April. This team are on fire!!!!!


  3. Debra Owen-Hughes

    June 6, 2011

    Forget Capital Radio Summer Ball at Wembley in June, Wimbledon SC are celebrating another successful year with an end of year bash. This year they have invited Sutton, City Of London and Camden Town to join in the revelries. Brilliant enthusiasm, funky raffle, music dancing and laughter, (the last one is actualy obligatory!)
    If you’d like to gate crash this evening it’s on June 17th in Wimbledon. Everyone welcome with guests, friends or friends your not even that keen on!!!!
    Chase up Katherine Inglis at Wimbledon to get your name on the guest list.
    After all as the song goes, if your names not down – you’re not getting in!…..


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